Friday, June 20, 2014


Time is a dressmaker specializing in alterations. ~Faith Baldwin

The above quote seems like that for many of us authors these days.  For myself, sometimes  I think I've carved out a nice chunk of time to get caught up on the blog and before I know it, my short attention span is pulled in another direction. I suppose I could blame it on thousands of things, but I'll save you the horror of mentioning what those thousands of things are. :)

We do have updates on a few of our very busy authors, so I'm so happy to share them with you all now.

Sue Galletti Campion, the inspiration behind Pieces of Her Mind, has been very busy indeed when it comes to promoting our book and just keeping up with other happenings in her life. 

She's recently returned from a vacation to Italy and from the few pictures she's shared with us, she's looking rested and aglow. However, she's is now busy being a poetic instructor on and no doubt is still finding ways to educate other short form writers about the beauty of senryu. 

Sally Yocum mentioned her husband Bob,
was driving to a volunteer event, where he was to help out. Suddenly a commercial van, which was headed in the opposite direction, veered over and smashed right into Bob's car.  His car was destroyed, but his seat belts and air bags saved Bob. The  driver of the heavy vehicle also wore seat belts and is OK.  He received a citation from the police who responded to the crash..Bob saw a doctor the next day, and had 5 x-rays, but he will be fine. as soon as the remaining pains go away.  As you can imagine.

Sally said she'd get back with us regarding more updates regarding her writing and hopefully the progress of her husband health. We're keeping them both in our hearts and thoughts.

Joan Stern shared this:

We recently completed my husband Bob's quest of all 50 capitals and capitols by driving 1,800 around the Southeast to visit Tallahassee, Florida and Columbia, South Carolina.  One of the highlights was touring Charleston, from Fort Sumter in the harbor to the historic buildings and gardens in the city proper.
At the Palisades Symphony this weekend, where Bob plays French horn, one of his former colleagues Becky Rodman dashed up to me to say congratulations.  I was quite surprised, since she had been on hiatus learning to build violins in Italy.  She explained that she purchased   "Pieces of Her Mind" while abroad through Amazon to teach her international quartet and quintet members English.   She was delighted about how much they learned regarding the different meanings of words as well as their enjoyment of the poetry. What an unexpected application for our book!

I will admit, it is still so exciting to see Pieces of Her Mind being read and appreciated even after a its release over a year ago.  Thank you Joan for this excited news.

Lois Funk:

has been very very busy when it comes to writing and publishing her poetry. She just had released her newest poetry book Snaps, Scraps & Snippets of the Past and Present. This book is also featured on Facebook at Writings by Lois J. Funk. 

Lois has also created a new website, Snaps, Scraps & Snippets  (click on the title to go there) which features her five chapbooks, as well as Pieces of Her Mind. I encourage all to take a look at this beautifully built website. Her books are available for purchase via this site too.

Lois mentions that besides promoting her book, she stays busy with writing.

Between kids, jobs, writing and the daily grind, all of the authors are staying busy. Many continue to write full steam ahead, while others write as time permits. We all remain united as authors of Pieces of Her Mind and rejoice in the success of our fellow poets as they continue on with their own personal journeys in the poetry world.

If you haven't read our book, I encourage you to do so now. You are sure to find laughter, like feelings and a since of familiarity once you start reading. 

Thank you so much for stopping by. We all appreciate your visit.

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