Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Senryu, Tanka and Haiku, Oh My

Okay a bit of humor there with the title, but aren't all those forms delicious morsels of poetry!

We have updates to share regarding Pieces Of Her Mind and that is always exciting.  First, a huge THANK YOU to Lois (An author in Pieces) for updating us regarding her continued efforts in promoting our book.

Lois's Update:

For those who are members of the Haiku Society you will/should see our "Pieces of Her Mind" press release in the upcoming issue of “Ripples.”  Hopefully, the press release will be a nice complement to an upcoming essay, from Sue, in "Frogpond."

I also have a good report on Pieces of Her Mind. I gave a copy to a poet friend who goes with me each year to present a writing/poetry program at an alternative high school.  I just received this note from my friend:

‘Special thanks for your gift of "Pieces of Her Mind" – I’ve finally made time to spend quality time with it and found it to be a jewelry box filled with verbal gems. I applaud you and your fellow poets for delivering this literary bird and giving it wings. Mable and I plan to order several more copies for female friends and relatives. As to your “Running Hurdles,” when I coached Jr. H. S. track boys and girls, I loved “making hurdlers” and always had one or two on the team. Susan Campion’s “Who am I as a Woman, …” also had a special effect—all those years I was on the dance floor with "the teenagers" at Operation Snowball weekends, our annual Teen Conference, etc. And the three pieces on page 111 make a special trio!”

In further news:

Lois's poem “Under the Wire” has been accepted for publication in an upcoming issue of "Teachers of Vision" magazine. Congratulations are in order for Lois! We are all so very proud of your continued success.

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