Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Author Marie Toole

Marie Toole and Jane Hirshfield
Recently Marie Toole, one of the 18 Author's of "Pieces Of Her Mind",  received an email from poet, translator and essayist Jane Hirshfield in which she states:
" I had a chance to look this morning at "Pieces of Her Mind" and just wanted to say - fabulous!  Not all who take up this form manage to capture its ways so rightly. Tell your fellow writers I cheer them on."

Thank you Ms. Hirshfield for this lovely comment, and thank you Marie for sharing this lovely email with all of us.  

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Deborah Kammer said...

Fantastic Marie. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. Your photo is great and does that little book of ours stand out! LOL Thanks to Jane for her lovely comments.
Great work. Lovi xoxo