Monday, October 1, 2012

Pieces of Her Mind

For Immediate Release

Palm Springs, California, November 2012—Omega Publications releases Pieces of Her Mind: Women Find Their Voice in Centuries-Old Forms

What do contemporary women really think?

Be prepared to laugh, be touched and entertained, or raise a fist and shout “Oh Yeah!”—especially if you are a woman. But, men also will find lots to love and learn in this collection of prose and poetry that is satirical, witty, ironic, and wise, from a woman’s point of view.

About the book: This innovative collection, Pieces of Her Mind, is the first anthology published exclusively by contemporary English Language women poets, of three types of short Japanese poetic forms (senryu, kyoka and haiga). While readers who appreciate this genre of poetry will be particularly interested in this book, the book will also appeal to men and women who love satiric and ironic “one-liners” (in the case of this book, three to five liners) that provide insight into how women think – in a “today” kind of way. Read the endorsements!

Pieces of Her Mind
will also be enjoyed, studied, and appreciated by book clubs, classes, and writing and reading groups as a vehicle to study and reflect upon not only how women think about their worlds but also about these centuries-old forms of Japanese poetry. Throughout the book are instructive and personal reflective essays. In addition, an extensive, selected annotated bibliography and free online website resource (Q&A’s to facilitate and prompt discussions) are provided by the authors.

About the Authors: Pieces of Her Mind authors are diverse in age, ethnicity, geographical location and experience with writing. They share writing skills, wit and humor, and a commitment to engaging in a learning community. This anthology is the result of a year-long collaboration of 18 modern women poets who studied the poetic forms of senryu, kyoka and haiga, and shared their unique voices through online classes, group study sessions, interactive conference calls and online research. The book evolved over time due to the special talents and contributions of the various authors. The result is a merging of individual voices into one common voice, a voice which will be enjoyed by readers whether they like to read from front page to back or randomly skip to pages while on an airplane ride.

Publication Date: November 15, 2012

List Price: Paperback Version $9.95 ISBN# 978-0-9850350-6-8 Specs: 5” x 8” 207 pp.

Hard Cover Case Laminate $17.95 ISBN# 978-0-9850350-7-5 Specs: 5.5” x 8.5” 207 pp.

Available at:, Barnes&, and through your local book store. Kindle and Nook versions available.

Publisher: Omega Publications, Palm Springs, 2012

Contact: Melissa R. Bickel for further information

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